ad specs.

All advertising rates include design but feel free to create or commission your own designer. Following our guidelines will help you create artwork specifically for newspaper advertising so you will be happy with the results.

Ad Size Dimensions PDF AI ID


  • 2 columns: 3.3”w X 2.4”h


  • 2 columns: 3.3”w X 5”h 
  • 3 columns: 5.0375”w X 3.3”h 
  • 4 columns: 6.78”w X 2.4”h


  • 6 columns: 10.25”w X 2.25”h


  • 2 columns: 3.3”w X 10.25”h
  • 3 columns: 5.0375”w X 6.8”h
  • 4 columns: 6.78”w X 5”h
  • 6 columns: 10.25”w X 3.3”h


  • 2 columns: 3.3”w X 13.75”h 
  • 3 columns: 5.0375”w X 9.15”h 
  • 4 columns: 6.78”w X 6.8”h 
  • 6 columns: 10.25”w X 4.4”h


  • 3 columns: 5.0375”w X 13.75”h
  • 4 columns: 6.78”w X 10.3”h
  • 6 columns: 10.25”w X 6.8”h


  • 4 columns: 6.78”w X 13.75”h
  • 6 columns: 10.25”w X 9.15”h


  • 6 columns: 10.25”w X 13.75”h


  • 6 columns: 10.25"w X 1.25"h

Need to Know

Advertising design is included in the price of the space for advertising should you require our services. Our graphics department can find the perfect graphic to illustrate and bring attention to your advertising message. Clients are welcome to submit their own digital files so long as artwork is compatible and use The Observer specifications and file format.

Our workflow is powered by Adobe.

The Observer creates using the most up-to-date Adobe products to insure quality and maintain compatibility with client files.

  • Newspaper printed at 100 line screen
  • Halftone images: 200 resolution .tif or .jpg
  • Lineart images: 600 dpi .tif or .jpg
  • Please prepare images accounting for a 30% dot gain when printing on newsprint. Adjusting images slightly lighter than expected will produce more optimal results.
  • Low-resolution web images or poor-quality images will be replaced with a suitable graphic. We want your ad to look at its best so it will perform at its best!
  • There should be no colour elements in black and white advertising.


Send your artwork quickly and securely using our drag and drop service. 

Files up to 10GB will be uploaded quickly and delivered directly to The Observer production department.


6 Column | Main Sections

  • 1 Col: 1.57″w
  • 2 Col: 3.3″w
  • 3 Col: 5.0375″w
  • 4 Col: 6.78″w
  • 5 Col: 8.5″w
  • 6 Col: 10.25″w

8 Column | Classified Section

  • 1 Col: 1.176″w
  • 2 Col: 2.472″w
  • 3 Col: 3.769″w
  • 4 Col: 5.065″w
  • 5 Col: 6.361″w
  • 6 Col: 7.656″w
  • 7 Col: 8.953″w
  • 8 Col: 10.25″w

The Observer is published every Thursday

Home delivery of flyer package occurs Thursday-Friday. 

Honour boxes are filled by noon on Thursdays.

Our advertising deadlines:

Ad TypeDeadline
Display AdsTuesdays by 4:00 pm
Classified AdsWednesdays by 10:00 am
Family AlbumWednesdays by 10:00 am
Flyers / InsertsTwo weeks advance booking required.


Please contact Donna Rudy at 519-669-5790 ext 104 to make a booking.

Ad Discount
Minimum Ad Booking
Min. 7 ads / year
Min. 15 ads / year
Min. 20 ads / year
Recognized not-for-profit


Based on a minimum ad booking within a 12 month time frame from the date of first ad booking. 

Discounts are not automatically applied and are subject to approval and terms. Volume rate based on percentage of regularly priced advertising. Advertising rates and discounts are subject to change without notice. Some advertising is not eligible for discounts. Discuss any potential discounts with your sales representative.

All advertising prices include design, 2 ad proofs if required and the area occupied. Ads designed by The Observer will be proofed using email. In the case of no email address, proofs will be delivered via fax. Please inform your sales representative how you would prefer receiving ad proofs.

It is the client’s responsibility to insure the advertisement has the correct information and the design meets the requirements of the client.

Once an ad proof has been supplied to the advertising client, unless otherwise notified by client, the advertisement is considered approved. Once approved and published, advertiser assumes all responsibility for errors or damages arising from any errors.

Digital Ad Submission Policy

The Observer considers ads sent in a digital format approved as is. Once submitted the Observer is not responsible for errors arising from such ads. The Observer will attempt to fix issues with ads including font substitutions, spot-colour/pantone conversion to CMYK and other issues that may arise, however, it is the customer’s responsiblity to provide digital files that will print as intended.

All advertising is accepted subject to the Publisher’s discretion at all times.

  1. Advertiser assumes responsibility for unauthorized use of name, photograph, image, device, or word protected by copyright or registered trademark.
  2. Any design, artwork or typesetting supplied by The Observer is copyright The Observer for the exclusive use by the Publisher. Any other use not authorized in writing is an infringement of copyright and subject to a minimum $75 per item production charge.
  3. Any notice of cancellation must be sent in writing, and received by the Publisher prior to closing date.
  4. The Publisher will not be responsible for damages arising out of errors in advertisements beyond the amount paid for the space occupied by that portion of the advertisement in which the error occured.
  5. There shall be no liability for non-insertion or late publication for any advertisement beyond the amount paid for such advertisement.

Technical Assistance:

We’re always available to help. Call, use the online chat or email during regular office hours and we will get you the assistance you need.

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