travel abroad.

Observer + you + destination + camera = feature.

It turns out The Observer makes a good travel companion. We’ve been literally around the world over the years. Check out our latest travels.

What to Know

The travel abroad feature is open to our readers to participate. Once submitted your photo will appear in an up-coming feature in the Observer. Starting in 2019 we will also be featuring submissions online.

All the basic information is available on our submission form located HERE. Tell us a little bit about the trip and something interesting about the landmark you have included in the photo.

The image you submit should include a clear image of yourself and fellow travellers, a landmark that identifies your destination and finally a recent edition of The Observer. Be sure to submit a high resolution – 300 res. Screen images from phones will not produce well in print.

We’ll publish your photo the first edition with available space. We often have a waiting list at certain times of the year so submit early. We do publish all submissions on a first come first serve basis.

happy trails.

Share a piece of home on your next travels. Pack The Observer and head out on the highway. After you’ve memorialized that special landmark in a photo leave The Observer in a public place for the locals or fellow travellers to find.